Umbreon Moonlight (or sometimes just called Umbre) is one of the main characters in Leafy and Flare. He is usually annoyed by Flare because of his
stupidity. He is based off of the character Umbreon, which is the Dark-type Eeveeloution. In Umbre Questions the Graveyard Shift and Umbre's Band Class, he is voiced by Rodger Bumpass because his audio is that of Squidward. But he is voiced by Jack Samson because his audio is that of Rintoo the Tiger.


He is mostly black with yellow rings on his ears,head,legs,and tail. In one of the issues of the Leafy and Flare comic series he is revealed to be related to Flare.


Flare- Umbreon is sometimes annoyed by Flare. In comic #2 of the Leafy and Flare comic series (where they reacted to Flare copy Umbre's hat), he said he can't beleive he is related to him. In the comics he takes up residents in Flare's tail.

Leafy- Not much is known about Leafy and Umbreons relationship however, he did live with him in Flareons tail in the Leafy and Flare comic series.

Characters portrayedEdit

Character Portrayed From Episode
Squidward Spongebob Umbreons band class, Umbreon questions the graveyard shft, Umbreon snaps, Flare's Snowboarding attempt
Rintoo Ni hao Kai-Lan Everybody's Hat Parade, Flare copys Umbre's hat, Flare's so mad and hits Umbre, Umbre makes a big Splash, Flare wanted to drive now, The story time, A big play but Flareon quits, Leafy's Rhyme time (parts),
M. bison What the heck did I just animate?
Homer Simpson the simpsons Stupidy sexy Flare
Shadow Sonic Eeveebattle