Leafeon Verdant (or called Leafy) is a character on the Youtube series Leafy and Flare. He is based off the Pokémon Leafeon, one of Eevee's
many evolutions. His best freind is Flare. In A New Tactic, Barnacle Chips, The Ugly Barnacle, Pinhead Flarry, and Flareon Loves You Remastered, he is voiced by Tom Kenny because the audio is arcive from Spongebob. But he is voiced by Khamani Griffin because the audio is Tolee.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He is a yellowish fox with a body made of leaves. His ears also resemble long palm tree-like leaves. His eyes are black with white pupils.

In the shorts in which he is voiced by Tom Kenny, he is possibly a naive, energetic young Leafeon who works as a fry cook. In reality, he is quite laid-back and kind. But in the shorts in which he is voiced by Khamani Griffin, he is possibly a helpful Leafeon who loves pandas (which resembles panda-colored Eevees) and being a rhyming rapper. In reality, he is intelligent always thinks before he acts and sometimes worries too much.


Flare- Flare is Leafy's best friend so he usually hangs out with the most with him. Flare also plays Hoho from Ni hao Kai-Lan, who is also Tolee's best friend, and Leafy plays Tolee.

Umbreon- Umbreon lived with Leafy in Flare's tail in the comic series.