Flare is one of the main characters on Smashluigi25's Leafy and Flare. He is based on the Pokemon Flareon, one of Eevee's many evolutions. In pokemon, Flareon posesses fire abilities. He is Leafy's best friend. In Chocolate with Nuts, A New Tactic, Barnacle Chips, Pinhead Flarry, and Flare's Snowboarding Attempt (also, breifly in Umbre questions the Graveyard Shift), he is voiced by Bill Fagerbakke, who also voices Patrick Star. But he is voiced by Angie Wu who also voices Hoho the Monkey.


He is an orange fox with many bushy features. Most of his body is covered in this bushy fur.


Leafy- Leafy is Flareon's best friend. Also, Leafy often plays Tolee and Flare plays Hoho, Tolee's best friend.

Character portrayedEdit

Patrick Spongebob Choclate with nuts, pinhead flarry, Barnacle chips, a new tactic, Flareon loves you, Flare's Snowboarding attempt
Gutsman Megaman Leafy and flare epicness
Tails sonic Eeeveelution battle
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