Eeveelution battle in 1 minute and 55 seconds (Eevee battle for short) is an episode of the Leafy and Flare series. Is a spoof of Sonic battle in 1 minute and 55 seconds.


The episode begins with Nidorino who has just built a Metang-shaped robot to rule all over the world but it doesn't work so he gets upset and he gets rid of it throwing it to the sea.

Meanwhile, Leafy is walking around the beach singing, he finds the beached robot and uses it as a punch bag. He shows it to Flare, Jolteon, Espeon (Who hits it with a hammer), Glace, Vaporeon, a Munchlax (Who gets hit with the robot instead) and Umbreon. Then everyone is having fun with the punch bag, Nidorino sees everything by a TV and he wants his robot back. So he sneaks in their base and steals the robot, Leafy was aware of that rob of course, Nidorino flees away with his robot in a rocket while a mischievous Larvitar jumps away in a bouncer and a shocked Squirtle faints.

Leafy has no other choice but recovering the robot or they will loose all their fun so he says his farewell words tho his friends punching them and getting out of their base. But he encounters a wild Darkrai and he thinks that he has a plan to destroy the universe but he decides to keep heading for Nidorino's base. When he arrives, he encounters him punching the robot and he refuses to return it saying never for about 5 minutes, Leafy activates a transformation involving sunglasses and Nidorino tries too but he farts in the process. Leafy starts kicking him but in middle of the battle, the robot self-destroys himself causing Leafy to stop kicking and Nidorino faints.

Back to the base, Leafy is without his glasses again and very saddened for losing their punch bag and source of fun. Then Eevee enters asking if they missed him. Everyone cheers up and starts using him as a new punch bag.